Silverback IS, Our Internet Services Our Internet Services represented as animals and features in a jungle overlooked from an office cave. British Websites is a Silverback sitting at a desk. British Apps is a baby monkey with a small phone in it's hand on the trunk of a palm tree. We have a Squirrel representing our Silverback Publishing service. On the desk with the silverback also sits a sketch and pencils representing Vasco Graphics graphic design service. The clouds in the sky represent Silverback Hosting, managed cloud web hosting and a blue postbox representing Silverback Mail. All our internet services working together in one eco-system. Our internet services brand logos appear when each tab is selected.

At work, home or on the go, life is increasingly centred around websites and at British Websites, we are creating a new standard to be proud of.

We deliver a personal service with high quality and affordability. As our customer we help you understand more about your website and ensure you are fully involved in the website creation process.

All our developers, designers and managers are based in Britain as we aim to provide the highest levels of service and help support local employment.

At British Apps we develop beautiful mobile applications for use on the go. We create simple, sleek user interfaces and features that maintain a consistent look and feel across devices and operating systems.

By using industry leading, open-source technology, we are able to create bespoke plugins to interact with phone hardware (camera, contacts, gyroscope, microphone etc.) as well as keeping your apps up-to-date without extensive re-development.

Sketching out an idea is the start of many of the best designs and at Vasco Graphics we develop your ideas into reality.

Our design services range from logo creation and branding packs, to leaflets and social media images. Our expert designers will work closely with you to help develop a unique, engaging design to match your brief and specifications.

Silverback Publishing specialises in academic books in physical and digital format with each publication having it’s own dedicated website as an additional resource.

Our publications always aim to deliver high quality content provided by experts in their field and range from novel-style books to academic monographs.

Silverback Hosting is our flexible managed cloud hosting solution. We’re here to help and provide a professional service for any hosting requirement whether you’re an individual or a large scale business.

All our servers are entirely based in the UK to adhere to data protection regulations and can be optimised for maximum speed and increased security. With your user-friendly hosting control panel, we can give you total control of your databases, emails, domain names and file sharing accounts.

Silverback Mail is our email marketing solution that can be used to deliver beautiful, personalised messages including newsletters, purchase follow-up emails and seasonal promotions.

Our re-usable templates make it easy to plan, create and schedule messages for customers or leads. The simple drag and drop tools allows you to create email marketing campaigns that are perfect to the letter, plus the control panel enables you to manage your lists, view detailed reports and much much more.