Silverback IS is a family business providing a family of internet services that work seamlessly together.

Each of our services can be purchased independently or we can coordinate your chosen services into a single project. Whatever you chose, we will be there to help and give you the highest level of service, both throughout your project and into the future.

To make the internet an easier, more exciting and entertaining place by providing quality internet services to meet and exceed expectations.

Everything we do is centered around our mission. To maintain the highest quality and to produce the best tailored solutions, we make time to understand our clients wants, needs and desires while striving to make the whole experience easy, fun and exciting.

Our support, backed up with extensive knowledge, is available to you whenever you are our customer. We always aim to provide detailed introductions to any new service or interface helping you to become as comfortable as possible.

2010 - Baby Silverback

In 2010, Silverback Internet Services Ltd was born as a holding company of British Websites and Vasco Graphics.

Brothers Daniel and Matthew combined their coding and design expertise to start British Websites - a web design company that specialises in beautiful custom coded websites. Vasco Graphics was also established to provide a full graphic design service to compliment British Websites and also as a stand-alone service.

2011 - Silverback in the cloud

After fully researching and experimenting with a range of hosting options for British Websites, we launched Silverback Hosting - our managed hosting service which ranges from shared servers to expandable cloud hosting.

2012 - Appy days

Always keeping an eye on future internet technologies, we saw our existing web design and development skills could be transferred to mobile app development and this lead to the birth of British Apps.

We also began our BW Core framework, the basis for all future British Websites projects.

2013 - Pub time

Our ever growing experience in print and design led us to expand into publishing with Silverback Publishing. We decided to specialise in academic books authored by experts in their field and offer digital and physical book for each publication.

2014 - Detailed blueprints

After years of designing and developing websites we created a custom made website planning and quoting system know as The system was mainly for internal company use but includes a range of advanced features which can be accessible by our customers.

2015 - Pub crawl

Our Silverback Publishing plan, which increases author royalties and provides in-depth reports on sales proved successful. We then expanded Silverback Publishing to begin accepting new publications.

2016 - Core Blimey!

At British Websites, we completed the BW Core providing a powerful, flexible framework for all of our websites. We also launched a dedicated website for hiring website developers and providing documentation on the BW Core.

Content Writer #0017

Silverback IS provides content writing services for a number of brands. Are your English skills up to the task? Send in your CV.

Interested? Send us your CV to:

British Websites Developer (HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript) #1028

We are always accepting CVs for college and university graduates, or anyone who is competent in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript looking to join the British Websites team.

Social Network Content Creator #1029

During the planned expansion of BW Social Management (from British Websites) we will require people experienced in social networking and helping to establish and improve brand social presence. Send us your CV today.

Interested? Send us your CV to: