We make the internet an easier, more exciting and entertaining place.

Silverback is a family business born from the passion to bring together advanced technological expertise and management with beautiful designs and user experience.

We understand the interconnected nature of the internet and society focusing on engaging clients and end-users as they interact with our services.

Our support, backed up with extensive knowledge is a fundamental aspect of all our offerings, helping you feel comfortable throughout the process receiving best possible result.

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Our Brands

Silverback Web Apps

Silverback Web Apps provides beautiful custom-made websites using our Components Web App framework, implementing cutting-edge technologies.

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British Websites

Looking for a web application to be built from the ground up which does not fit the more conventional website structure? British Websites has you covered.

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Silverback Publishing

Silverback Publishing works with specialists and experts in their field, making complex topics more accessible with a focus on health and behaviour change topics.

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Components Web App (CWA)

The Components Web App (CWA) is our open-source framework to easily create flexible, cutting-edge web apps with an advanced features and in-line content management.

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